Commercial Central Vacuum

BEAM Alliance 700TC-NUE Q-TeamA central vacuum system is a great addition to any business and Midwest Technologies is proud to offer this product from BEAM by Electrolux. Central vacuum systems make cleaning a lot easier. You or your cleaning staff won’t have to lug a heavy vacuum around and drag power cords everywhere.

Our expert installers will run piping through your building, providing easy access. All you have to do is plug the hose into a wall outlet and begin vacuuming. With ordinary vacuum cleaners, you have to deal with emptying vacuum bags or cylinders and even the best vacuum cleaner still recirculates dust and odor throughout the building. Central vacuum systems are not only stronger, but the dirt is transferred to the central collection receptacle, which is located away from where everyone is working. This is most commonly located in a utility or storage room.

Benefits of a Commercial Central Vacuum System

  • Convenient

  • Quiet

  • Improved Air Quality

  • No Bags or Belts

  • Self-cleaning Filter

  • Large Capacity

  • Reduced Allergies

Parts and Accessories

Midwest Technologies offers a full line of parts and accessories for the Beam products they sell. We also will provide an on-site demo on select power heads and accessories.

Installing a commercial central vacuum will give you a cleaner and more efficient building and also makes the space healthier. Midwest Technologies can come to your business and show you how a commercial central vacuum system can help your company. Give us a call today to learn more about our central vacuum systems.



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