Video Surveillance Systems

honeywellVideo Surveillance or Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) is becoming more well known and is a great way to monitor what is important to you. In your home or at your business, you will find value in having a camera system. Whether you want a camera at the front door to see who rang the doorbell, a camera in the basement to monitor your sump pump while you are away, or multiple cameras throughout your home or business, Midwest Technologies has a system that will fit your needs.

Each camera system has a digital video recorder (DVR) which saves footage to a built in hard drive, allowing you to watch recorded footage from days or even weeks back. You can also view the cameras anywhere there is an internet connection from your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. So whether you are home, across town, in another state, or even continents away, you will be able to keep an eye on what is important to you.

Midwest Technologies recommends all business owners to have a camera system installed. Property, Inventory, Money, Employees, and Customers are all reasons to have cameras. It will give you peace of mind that if issues arise, everything will be recorded and stored for review.

Video Surveillance System Benefits

  • Monitor Home or Business

  • Live Viewing

  • Records to a DVR for Later Viewing

  • View on Computer, tablet, or Smart phone

  • Motion Detection

  • Alerts Texted or Emailed

  • Peace of Mind

  • Deterrent

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